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The beauty of fatherhood is enchanting, which is why it has stretched to the grand of the Afrobeat Gems who have embraced it.

This is portrayed through the Union and Baby Mama parody, which has resorted to becoming a reputation most stars embody so far.

Over the years, we have recorded many Afrobeat singers who are fathers.

To date, they have maintained their fatherhood as they worked all day to bring out the best of it.

In this article, we will discuss the Top 5 Afrobeat Gems who are fathers and their statuses.

Adekunle Gold

Afrobeat sensational singer Adekunle Gold is recognized as the most inspiring in this category, following how his marital story is termed unique.

Adekunle Gold kickstarted his career as an inspiring, passionate singer who, in time, found affection with a gospel singer, Simi.

While he moved on with his musical career, he built a strong bond with the young Gospel singer who, in line, swerved into secular music and pushed her musical career together with Adekunle Gold.

Over time, their affection grew even more extensive to the extent that they ventured into an official relationship that defined their love and commitment—in line with their musical career, unity, and multiple collaborations attained them convincing listening audience that earned them fame.

They gained numbers both individually and in pairs, turning out to be the two Afrobeat gems growing to stardom massively. More to the view, they infused their financial reputation and considered tying the knot.

In 2019, Adekunle Gold tied the knot with Simi, infusing the union with an official wedding in 2020.  They lived in harmony and welcomed their daughter, Deja, who has added to their happiness to date.



Soaring through several years and recording a tally of three official Baby Mamas, Davido secured his place in this category after finally tying the knot with his wife, Chioma Avril.

Davido, locked in with fame and multiple women, experienced many Baby Mamas that nearly stripped his optimism for marriage.

However, he still found his peak in a marital union with an unrecognized Chef identified as Chioma Rowland Avril.

Despite the view of this, it didn’t quite come as it seems following how he welcomed three children with her before finally tying the knot with the heavily endowed woman.

Davido tied the knot with Chioma Avril in a court wedding that involved just his family and friends, with no Camera allowed. To date, the couple is still engulfed with affection as they are still happily married with kids.

Kizz Daniel

Afrobeat sensation Kizz Daniel has graced the newbie space in this category, although he claimed to have married his wife a long time ago.

Despite the view of this, Kizz Daniel has been at a new peak of attraction and attention since he publicized his marriage with his wife, identified as Mjay Anidugbe.

Even though Kizz Daniel didn’t reveal much about his marital status, sources detailed that he met his wife way back, even before fame.

However, affection brought them together, and they tied the knot without hesitation. The young woman who has suddenly gained publicity and passionate fans across the globe is the mother of Kizz Daniel’s twin.

Kizz Daniel, on several occasions, has made it clear that he is happily married and has long tied the knot with his wife, Mjay Anidugbe.


Despite being circled with multiple Baby Mamas, The legendary Nigerian singer 2Baba also found his place in this category.

As of the time of his dominance, the incredible Nigerian singer enrolled with multiple women but has always deployed his comfort on a woman identified as Annie Macaulay-Idibia.

2Baba is the strongest in this category, having held his union strong and running with his beloved wife for years.

Just like Adekunle Gold, Annie, pushing her career in Nollywood, found love in the bosom of a young, vibrant, fast-rising singer, 2Face. She maintained a great bond with him, and in great affection, they carried on with their love until they tied the knot in 2012.

They have managed to keep hold of their marital union for a decade and counting, marking a profile of extraordinary commitment.

Peter Okoye

Following his twin brother’s reputation, Paul Okoye married his beloved wife shortly after his brother tied the knot.

He earned his mark in this category and has come a long way in structuring his marital union from the core to date.

On 22nd March 2014, Peter Okoye tied the knot with his beloved wife, Lola Omotayo-Okoye, in a high-fashioned marital ceremony that made headlines.

Since then, Peter Okoye has welcomed two children, including Cameron, signed to Chelsea’s football Academy. To date, Peter Okoye has maintained an affectionate marital union since marrying his wife.

Paul Okoye

Nigerian Afrobeat gem Paul Okoye also embraced a good spot in this category, having lived up to expectations via his taste.

Before his marital crash, Paul Okoye served as a vital inspiration to growing couples across the globe, following how he maintained a rigid marital union with his currently estranged wife for close to a decade.

On 17th November 2013, Paul tied the knot with his beloved wife and went on to live with the gorgeous woman in harmony for several years, welcoming a tally of two children that has so far sparked his fathering reputation.

Closing to a decade, the enchanting marital union crashed for an unknown reason, leaving the singer and his estranged wife open to a new love experience.

Paul Okoye immediately found love in a young model identified as Ifeoma. Without hesitation, their affection grew to the extent that they immediately publicized their relationship to a phase of criticism and other controversy pertained.

However, it all slid to a positive outcome as the flow didn’t squash their love bond leaving it to grow bigger.

Ivy Ifeoma who never showed any sign of remorse from the core of the saga to date disclosed that she isn’t bothered so far she met Paul Okoye as a single man.

A few months after officially divorcing his estranged wife, sources spread that he tied the knot with his new fiance, Ivy Ifeoma.

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