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Greatness attracts rivalry, and this has played a vital role in the current heated feuds transpiring in the Afrobeat genre so far.

It could resort to ego and influence, but since the core of the Afrobeat genre, we have recorded many incredible stars who got over their nerves.

Some carried on with the feud for almost a decade and have maintained nothing but a rigid affection with the nature of their misunderstandings.

In this article, we will outline many Afrobeat gems who are enemies.

Davido and Wizkid

Even though they boosted optimism amongst fans across the globe by reconciling in recent months, Davido and Wizkid resumed their reckless long-term feud.

The two Afrobeat Giants have been considered the pinnacle of the feud, considered the most effective feud in Afrobeat history.

However, before this phase, they have come a long way. Wizkid and Davido, embodying a reputation that features similar features, were a close friend and committed to each other’s crafts at the core of their careers until fame and fan base transpired.

As of then, following the view of their bond, no source could tell the vital reason that sparked their feud. However, things were already boiling secretly between the two, even though they toured and vibed together.

After what seemed to be a toll of curiosity, Wizkid publicized their feud by indirectly identifying Davido as the ‘Frog voice’ he embodies to date while he expressed his grief.

Davido didn’t quite digest this well, engaging in the different altercations with Wizkod that infused the feud even more often.

They carried on with the heated feud for years to the dimension that spread to the grand of their fans and soared to the current heated clashes online between opposite fans.

Stretching to close to a decade, Wizkid and Davido reconciled. Still, it crashed again on the brink after Wizkid stormed the micro-blogging platform X and made a series of mockeries directed at Davido.

As expected, Davido reacted, resulting in another version of an altercation that has left their feud active to date.

Kcee and Harrysong

Once music partners and record holders, to the current view of a fresh feud sparking flames among them.

Kcee, in recent months, addressed his concern on Harrysong, outlining that he won’t say much about the feud and would forever remain calm about the controversy.

However, in the other phase, Harrysong does not embrace consensus, as he has called his former boss, Kcee, out several times.

Even though it’s not confirmed yet, their feud revolves around royalties as Harrysong, who was signed to Kcee’s Record Label, Five Star Music, was unhappy with the royalties he received, referred to as a ‘token’ for years.

Departing Five Star Music, Kcee also detailed that Harrysong didn’t meet up with their contract. However, he is not considering portraying legal advances.

Since this surfaced online, the two stars have fired shots at each other, earning them a spot in this category.

Burna Boy and Davido

The feud between Davido and Burna Boy is considered one of the most realistic feuds in this category, however, to date, we have yet to discover the pinnacle of their rages among each other.

From sources, Davido and Burna Boy; once considered as intimate friends, suddenly reformed to become enemies after swerving to their nerves.

It all transpired after Davido took to his microblogging platform, Twitter, and reposted a photoshopped picture of him and Wizkid, captioning it as the ‘Two greatest of all time’.

Without hesitation, Burna Boy who was not Pleased with the caption, took to his Instagram story and called out Davido on several occasions. He described him as a lucky child whose rich father funds all his cravings even though he is not talented.

Everyone was certain that he referred to Davido sparking a heavy reaction that was instilled in Davido’s grand who couldn’t resist the heat.

Replying to this, he made a diss song titled ‘Fem’ that turned out to be a hit song that covered a heavy dimension of streaming numbers including earning a major reputation during the ‘EndSars’ massive protest in Nigeria.

In the viral song ‘Fem’ Davido addressed his enemies, including Burna Boy, alerting them about the influence of his fans and power in the Nigerian music firm while wondering why they are still coming at him.

It soared to the dimension where their altercation resulted in a physical fight after they were booked at the same venue and concert. They were seen fighting while the securities were separating them.

To date, Burna and Davido still boil in their heated feud as they are keen on coming at each other at any slightest chance.

Tekno and Kizz Daniel

This is the new flow of feud in the Nigerian music firm after sailing to a deserved place in this category.

Shortly after Wizkid and Davido caused an online uproar, Tekno was compelled in his grand and public call out Kizz Daniel over unpaid royalties he had refused to resort in the past.

According to him, having claimed that he funded him to a whooping currency of 1 billion, he is quite lying and swindling his fans.

Replying to this, Tekno shunned him via his micro-blogging platform X resulting in further altercations that spread to a series of ranting sprees between the two Nigerian singers.

In his words, he said:

“Dem mention money you sef dey talk… spewing sh*t like an*s. See ekuke wey we rescue with Buga. Oloribu omo ale.”

In his reaction, Tekno cautioned Kizz Daniel not to provoke him, else, he would deploy his wrath to him.

His words:

“Hope you are trending now fool! Careful o, breeze blow foul ny*sh dey open. I’m not the one to be played with before I Kattywilliams your *ss. Insecure narcissist,” the ‘Pana’ crooner said.

To date, the two are yet to identify the public mass with the nature of their feud despite confronting each other on the microblogging platform, X.

Since they collided online, they haven’t made a single post about the feud which has left fans in curiosity.

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