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The Afrobeat genre since the late peak of the 21st Century has continued to soar at a vast pace.

This has been incredibly fuelled by the efforts the pioneer of the Afrobeat genre deployed to its growth and currently, the responsibilities the young generations are portraying via their qualities.

To date, we have been able to record a convincing number of youngsters embodying their spots in soaring the genre of Afrobeat to another dimension with their extraordinary qualities.

They have been able to infuse the genre with an enchanting view that has so far attracted a convincing fate of global recognition.

In this article,  we will outline the top 5 current youngsters bossing their crafts in the Afrobeat genre so far.



Divine Ikubor who is popularly known as Rema, in no doubt, graced the first spot in this category.

Since his debut, he has proven his qualities by breaching a massive dimension most youngsters crave to attain. However, before this incredible feat, he has come a long way.

Rema who was born on 2nd May 2000, started Rapping and singing in his teens while he was in secondary school.

He paired up with his long-term friend and pursued his musical career doing viral freestyles until Don Jazzy and D’Prince discovered him and signed him to Mavin and Jonzing World Record Label in 2020.

He utilized his opportunity without hesitation and released his debut EP titled by his name ‘Rema’. The beauty of the EP earned him a massive fan base that encouraged him to deploy a convincing number of hit songs that reshaped him to the gem phase.

He won multiple key awards that attained him prominence he has embraced with incredible achievements.

Since Rema attained aristocracy, he has gone on to become the first Afrobeat singer to attain 1 billion streams which he achieved with his song ‘Calm Down’.



Ahmed Ololade who is popularly known by his stage name, Asake also deservedly graced a spot in this category.

His instant impact in the Afrobeat genre rapidly soared him to the top. This was inflicted by the influence of his unique outstanding musical qualities.

Before fame, Asake freestyled on several dimensions while striving for different vocations.

As disclosed by him, Asake reached out to Olamide via Instagram multiple times after having to digest that his friends had attained fame through the Rapper’s influence.

He was fortunate to get a call from Olamide who offered him a life-changing opportunity he never ceased to utilize.

Asake was signed to YBNL in the same year he dominated the Afrobeat Genre with his debut album that breached a heavy dimension.

He released his debut album ‘Mr Money With The Vibes’ on 8th September 2022 a few months after he dominated the Nigerian music firm with his hit singles scrapped off his debut album.

Without hesitation, he gained prominence and a massive fan base that pushed him to the global phase to the extent that he earned global recognition.

Today, Asake has emerged to the top and has long been honored by several key music awards organizations including Grammy Awards Recording Academy in a tally of 2 years.

Ayra Starr


The Nigerian incredible talent, Ayra Starr has surpassed a convincing feat to earn her place in this category deservably.

More to the statistics, Ayra Starr is recognized as the current hottest female youngster bossing her game in the Nigerian music firm so far.

Just like most upcoming sensations, young Ayra Starr freestyled her way into Don Jazzy’s recognition foreseeing her signature clinched to one of the greatest deals in the history of Afrobeat.

Before her current glory, young Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe sparked her massive dream in the early days of her teens, as she was always keen on becoming the next Rihanna and Beyonce.

After being signed to Mavin Record Label, she released her debut EP titled by her name, ‘Ayra Starr’ and attained prominence. This was prompted by the beauty of the EP that earned her an instant fan base.

This stretched to the release of her debut album ’19 & Dangerous’ which attained a massive streaming number clutching her multiple plaques.

From this influence, she bodied her game and rose to the top with further incredible records that featured A Grammy nomination.

To date, Ayra Starr has dominated her game to the phase where she is adored for her incredible musical qualities.



The Nigerian singer and sensational songwriter, BNXN who was formally known as Buju has earned the fourth category in this spot.

He is adored globally for his rare musical flow which he reformed to become a whole new genre.

Just like many incredible stars, BNXN was a bright upcoming young star who craved a successful musical career and always wanted to take his opportunity.

He was obsessed with the Nigerian Afrobeat Burna Boy, who discovered him through his viral catchy freestyles and signed him to his Record Label.

As many anticipated, BNXN utilized his opportunity and deployed incredible singles that earned him firm. He, however, parted ways with Burna Boy a few years after he dominated the Nigerian music firm.

BNXN has reformed his qualities to be recognized as one of the current dominant youngsters in the Afrobeat genre.



The extraordinary Nigerian rapper and songwriter, Blaqbonez also graced a spot in this phase as his effort has helped infuse the Afrobeat Rap genre.

Blaqbonez as a teen started Rapping and doing diss tracks in his college Era where he bonded with the likes of Asake, Fireboy, and Cheque, whom he met before fame.

As of the years he swerved professionally, he was recognized by a Record Label identified as Chocolate City who clinched his signature and offered him the opportunity to prove his qualities.

He proved his qualities without hesitation and deployed countless hit songs that reformed him to the top.

His style features hip-hop assorted with an advanced view of the Afrobeat genre which resorted to the current unique sound of his.

He has since his debut attained a convincing number of achievements that have brought him to the top.

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