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Despite losing their Grammy nominations to fellow nominees, the Afrobeat Gems who secured their spot in the 2024 Grammy Award nomination have come a long way.

From the culture of their unique sound and genre, the world has been able to experience an extraordinary view of talent that with no doubt secured them a spot in the Grammy Recording Academy nomination.

Apart from this, the massive feat the Afrobeat genre has surpassed since the late peak of the 21st century has been the key toll that has elevated these stars to the global phase so far.

This was also fuelled by the efforts of the pioneers of Afrobeat and the current Gems pushing it to the shore so far.

In this article, we will outline the 2024 Afrobeat Grammy nominees and discuss their status.


David Adeleke who is popularly known as Davido secured his first Grammy nomination after several years of domination but lost to his fellow nominees.

He secured a whopping number of 3 vital nominations that featured Best Global Album, which he secured with his incredible Album, ‘Timeless’, Best African Performance, which he attained with his hit song ‘Unavailable’ and Best Global Music Performance, which he clinched with his hit song ‘Feel’.

However, as much as his optimism was high, his challenges were also high following how he experienced a heated competition among global stars gracing the same space in his 3 nominated categories.

He lost all the 3 nominations to the likes of Tyla’s ‘Water’, also, Best Global Music Performance to ‘Pashto’ by Béla Fleck, Edgar Meyer & Zakir Hussain Featuring Rakesh Chaurasia, and finally, Best Global Album to Shakti’s ‘The Moment’.

Despite the view of this, the Nigerian Afrobeat singer proved his qualities by releasing one of the fast-selling albums of the Afrobeat genre so far.

He also breached dimensions to bag his first Grammy Awards nomination after several years of total dominance.

Burna Boy

The Afrobeat incredible Gem stands out as a dominant status in this chart following how he had bagged a convincing number of Grammy nominations more often.

The music mogul also breached an incredible dimension and broke the record to emerge as the first Nigerian Afrobeat singer to attain Grammy nominations for 4 consecutive years.

This time, he found his place in four categories as he bagged yet another vast nomination for the 66th Grammy Annual Music Award.

This features four categories where fans foresaw his hit song ‘City Boy’ find his place in the category of the ‘best African global performance. His latest album ‘I Told Them’ also earned his place in the Best Global Music Album while his hit song ‘Alone’ attained a spot in the category of the ‘Best Global Music Performance. Finally, ‘Sittin on Top of the World’ bagged a space in the category of the ‘best melodic rap performance’.

Astonishingly, he lost all these prominent nominations leaving him with no single plaque as he lost all his nominations to his fellow nominees, namely; ‘Alone’ lost to the trio of Zakir Hussain, Bela Fleck and Edgar Myer’s song ‘Pashto’ which won the Global Music Performance category. The second nomination in the ‘Best African Music Performance’ category trailed in favour of South African Tyla.

More to Burna Boy’s incredible qualities, he has attained one of the most dominant feats since he debuted in the Afrobeat genre.

He remains the current Afrobeat gem to have attained the Grammy plaque with his solo album ‘Twice As Tall’.


Nigerian incredible Afrobeat status, Asake also bagged his first-ever Grammy nomination to spice up his already enchanting musical career.

He was nominated in the category of
Best African Music Performance at the 66th Grammy Annual Musical Awards which he attained with his song featuring his Boss Olamide.

His fellow Nominees featured Tyla, Davido and Ayra starr who also graced a space in the category with their respective extraordinary projects.

He, however, lost it to South African Singer, Tyla who clinched the plaque effortlessly with her hit song ‘Water’.

Moreover, Asake astonished Nigerian musical enthusiasts with his musical qualities and rapid growth which earned him the top spot.

Since he was signed to YBNL Record Label, he surpassed a mouth-watering streaming number that defines his musical qualities.

Ayra Starr

Ayra starr Alongside Davido bagged her first-ever Grammy nomination and it was incredibly deserved.

The young Nigerian sensation who rose to fame shortly after she was signed to the Mavin Record Label owned by the Nigerian music mogul, Don Jazzy has since she debuted and dominated the Nigerian music firm with her rare musical qualities.

This with no doubt, earned her a deservedly spot in the 66th Grammy Award nominations alongside other global nominees.

However, unlike Davido, she was nominated in just a single category identified Best African Music Performance which she secured with her hit song ‘Rush’.

She was nominated alongside Burna Boy, Davido and South African fast-rising music sensation, Tyla where she unfortunately lost the plaque to Tyla’s ‘Water’.

Moreover, away from this, the 22-year-old young sensation has breached miles and rapidly earned a reputation that has so far reformed her status to the top.

Ayra starr who debuted in 2021 has also attained several musical awards and massive streaming numbers.


The Nigerian Grammy Award-winning maestro, Tems also found a way to scrap herself into the 2024 Grammy nomination.

This she attained with her contribution to Rihanna’s hit song ‘Lift Me Up’ where she emerged as a vital songwriter.

The song was nominated for Song Written for Visual Media alongside other incredible songs that turned out to dominate the category leaving Tems and Rihanna stranded with no plaque.

She lost the plaque to Billie Eilish who won the Best Song Written For Visual Media with her incredible song ‘What Was I Made For?’ From her ‘Barbie The Album’.

Tems however has proven her worth by attaining her first-ever Grammy plaque last year.


Olamide Gbenga Adedeji who is popularly known as Olamide also joined the league of Nigerian stars who debuted in the Grammy Annual Music Awards with just one nomination.

This erupted from his collaboration with his signee, Asake on the song, Amapiano which attained a nomination in the category of ‘Best African Music Performance’.

He and his signee lost the plaque to the South African nominee, Tyla who triumphed over the category with her hit song ‘Water’.

The Nigerian Rapper also made history after becoming the first-ever African Rapper to attain a Grammy nomination.

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