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Zuma and Sam Deep are working together on a new song called Save Your Time.

This partnership joins two very talented musicians from South Africa, creating a song that is impressive and easy to remember.

The song starts with soft piano notes and a steady, calming rhythm, creating a thoughtful and heartfelt mood. As the song goes on, different drums, bass, and melodies are added to make the music sound rich and complex.

We really value Sam Deep’s hard work when he collaborated with Azana and Zar Keys on the song Makukhanye with Da Muziqal Chef.

Zuma sings with a lot of emotion and power, making the song feel honest and meaningful. His songs talk about love, time and not giving up, and they connect with people on a personal level. He speaks smoothly and sincerely that goes well with the great music. Sam Deep’s part makes the song exciting and lively. His energetic singing and catchy hooks make the song sound even better.

Zuma and Sam Deep work together really well, and their song is smooth and well-made.

It’s a song that really connects with people, mixing thoughtful lyrics and exciting music that shows the power of love and strength.

Download Zuma & Sam Deep – Save Your Time


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