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Yanga Chief has shown how good he is at music once again by releasing his new song “Guluva” with Kwesta. This teamwork mixes two unique styles that will amaze fans and music lovers.

Yanga Chief, who is really good with words, is working with Kwesta, who is a big deal in South African music, to make a new song that’s both modern and has an old-school hip-hop feel. “Guluva” shows that they can make music that people like, with a mix of modern beats and deep lyrics.

The song “Guluva” shows Yanga Chief’s unique rapping style, along with Kwesta’s low, rough voice, making a lively sound. The song is well-made, with a mix of classic hip-hop and modern sounds that show off the talents of both artists. The collaboration between Yanga Chief and Kwesta is clear, and their song “Guluva” stands out in today’s music scene.

Download Yanga Chief – Guluva Ft. Kwesta.


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