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“Dali” by Vesta SA, with Helushe and KNOWLEY-D, is a touching song that mixes Afrobeat and modern R&B.

The song starts with a nice tune and soft music, with calm guitar playing and a gentle beat that makes you feel relaxed and close to the music.

KNOWLEY-D recently collaborated with Lolo SA on the song Thando Lwakho.

KNOWLEY-D’s singing makes the song more interesting, with his unique voice contrasting nicely with Helushe’s smooth singing. The two singers work together really well, and they each have their own special talents that make the song great. KNOWLEY-D’s rapping is smooth and goes well with the catchy chorus parts, making the music sound really cool and interesting to listen to.

The music is well made and everything fits together nicely to create the right feeling for the song.

The music has a lot of different instruments that make it sound full and interesting. There are drums, piano and violin that make the music sound deep, without covering up the singing. The outcome is a song that sounds good and also makes you feel deeply.

Download Vesta SA – Dali ft. Helushe & KNOWLEY-D.


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