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Jessica Sodi, Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Inhliziyo Yam

Inhliziyo Yam song by Jessica Sodi, Woza Sabza & Mr Abie

Jessica Sodi, Woza Sabza, and Mr Abie are working together on a new song called Inhliziyo Yam.

This teamwork proves how talented the artists are and their song is emotional and meaningful.

The song starts with soft piano notes and a steady, relaxing beat, creating a thoughtful and reflective mood. As the song goes on, different instruments like drums, bass, and melody are added, making the sound rich and detailed.

Jessica Sodi was seen recently when she collaborated with DJ Raybel on the song Get Away.

Jessica Sodi sings with a lot of feeling and strength, which adds a lot of emotion and meaning to the song. She writes songs about love, sadness, and being strong, which people can relate to. She speaks with feeling and her words flow smoothly, which goes well with the beautiful music. Woza Sabza and Mr Abie make the track more interesting with their passionate and lively singing, adding more depth and complexity to the music.

Jessica Sodi, Woza Sabza, and Mr Abie work well together and have created a song that is smooth and well-made.

Fans of Afro-soul and Amapiano music should definitely listen to this track. It will make you feel strong emotions and is worth listening to.

Download Jessica Sodi, Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Inhliziyo Yam.


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