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Another single named “IPlan” by South African performer and famous artist Dlala Thukzin has been delivered.

The way that grant winning artists Zaba and Sykes chipped away at this track together makes it substantially more extraordinary.

Every craftsman conveys rankling sections that will leave fans needing more, and their commitments add one more element of profundity and energy to a generally wonderful record.

Out of the five tunes on the eagerly awaited “Long-lasting Music 3” collection, “IPlan” is positioned second. Through this assortment of work, Dlala Thukzin has secured himself as perhaps of the most thrilling artist in South Africa today.

You ought to add this tune to your Playlist right away. It’s Dlala Thukzin’s most recent single for the year 2023 and an incredible expansion to his profession.

Download Dlala Thukzin – IPlan Ft. Zaba & Sykes


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