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DJ Ngwazi just came out with a new song called Fake Love, and it features Dr Tawanda and Nelcy-B.

This collaboration combines very talented African artists to create a song that is exciting and easy to remember.

The song “Fake Love” has exciting and lively music made by DJ Ngwazi. It makes you want to dance and have fun. The song starts with a fun beat and drums, making it sound cheerful and lively. As the music goes on, more sounds like bass, synths, and melody are added to make the music sound full and interesting.

Cheez Beezy, Nthabi Sings, and DJ Ngwazi made a song called Nobody Else.

Dr Tawanda sings in a powerful and captivating way, with lyrics about love, lies, and strength. He speaks smoothly and in a good rhythm, which matches well with the lively music. Nelcy-B’s part makes the track even more exciting, with her lively singing making the music sound better.

DJ Ngwazi, Dr Tawanda, and Nelcy-B worked well together to make a song that sounds smooth and well put together.

It’s a song that people like because it has a great mix of lively music and meaningful words about love and strength. Fans of Afrobeat and house music should listen to this track. It’s upbeat and memorable.

Download DJ Ngwazi – Fake Love ft. Dr Tawanda & Nelcy-B.


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