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Daskidoh, Pixie L, and NtoMusica collaborated to create a new and catchy song called “Ngifuna Wena. ” It’s already getting a lot of attention and is expected to be a big hit.

Daskidoh, who mixes African and soul music, has worked with Pixie L, who has amazing singing. They made a song together and her voice makes it even better. Adding to their skill in creating art is the multi-talented NtoMusica, who uses their production skills to make the song sound professional and catchy.

“I want You” is a song with catchy beats, emotional melodies, and meaningful lyrics that really connect with the audience. The song is called “I Want You” and it’s about love and wanting someone. The singers perform it with a lot of emotion which shows how talented they are.

Download Daskidoh ft Pixie L & NtoMusica – Ngifuna Wena.


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