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Colkaze has released a new song called “Magiya” with Al Xapo and Xduppy.

This team-up joins together some of the most creative artists in South African music, creating a song that is strong and easy to remember.

The song starts with a fun piano tune and a strong beat, making it sound happy and exciting. As the song goes on, more drums, bass, and music are added, making the sound full and interesting.

Lunar, Makhekhe Jr, Mellow, and Sleazy all collaborated on a new song called Tjaro with Jay Music, Al Xapo, Boontle RSA, and Nation-365.

Al Xapo sings with a lot of charm and energy, and his lyrics are easy to remember and connect with. He speaks smoothly and rhythmically, which goes well with the lively music. Xduppy’s part makes the track even more exciting, with his energetic and interesting performance making the sound better.

Colkaze, Al Xapo, and Xduppy worked together really well and made a song that sounds really good.

It’s a song that makes people feel happy and energized, with lively music and fun lyrics that celebrate joy. Fans of Amapiano and hip-hop must listen to this track because it has energetic and memorable music.

Download Colkaze – Magiya ft. Al Xapo & Xduppy.


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