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SA Rugby has seen the result of a meeting about how much time rugby players should have off between games. It was announced on Monday.

The Arbitrator had to decide a disagreement between SARPA (the South African Rugby Players’ Organization) and SAREO (the South African Rugby Employers’ Organization). SA Rugby was also included in the case as a second party.

SARPA asked a judge to decide a rule in the players’ work agreement explaining the rules for players hired to work. SARPA said that the rules needed provinces to give their contracted players eight weeks of rest in a row at some point in the year.

SAREO said that the agreement was being misunderstood. They said it didn’t require all players to rest simultaneously, and it didn’t have to be taken within 12 months.


The person deciding on the case agreed with SARPA that all provincial players should have their rest simultaneously. However, they decided that there is no rule that the rest period has to start within 12 months of the previous one.

A spokesperson for SA Rugby said they are talking with their members and SARPA to figure out how the award will affect their game schedule.

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