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A man complains to Adekunle Gold after paying N1,000 for 8 pieces of pepper because of his song “Rodo,” and Adekunle Gold responds

People are upset with singer Adekunle Gold for naming his song “Rodo” because it has made the price of pepper go up in the market.

A man on X complained to the musician that the price of rodo has gone up a lot since the ‘Orente’ singer sang about it.

The person on Twitter said that because of his song, he now pays N1,000 for eight pieces of pepper in his area.

First, the man made fun of Adekunle Gold by saying that the singer had made pepper really spicy.

Then he talked about how much pepper he purchases. He tweeted; β€œ@adekunleGOLD
Thanks for taking #Rodo 🌢 to the biggest stage ever 😿 They now sell 8 pieces for 1k in my area πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜Ώβ€.


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