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DJ Stokie is featured on the current Groove Cartel Mix project.

Famous for his talent in selecting and blending songs to maintain a lively atmosphere on the dance floor, DJ Stokie presents another impressive mix for his audience.

The blend starts off with a calming and welcoming rhythm, slowly increasing in energy as various elements like rhythmic percussion, melodic keys, and deep basslines are added. DJ Stokie’s expertly maintained cohesive flow showcases seamless transitions between tracks.

DJ Stokie recently collaborated with Sobzeen on Sthandwa Sami, which includes Lington.

DJ Stokie’s skill in combining various aspects of Amapiano, including heartfelt tunes and lively beats, results in an exciting and captivating auditory experience. Every song in the playlist is carefully chosen and arranged to maintain a captivating and consistent energy throughout. The compilation also showcases DJ Stokie’s talent for choosing songs that connect with the audience, including well-known hits and undiscovered treasures in the Amapiano style.

His smooth and precise mixing style guarantees flawless transitions and ensures each track complements the next. This mix showcases DJ Stokie’s talent as a DJ and his in-depth knowledge of the Amapiano genre.

This blend is essential for anyone who enjoys carefully selected and smoothly mixed Amapiano music.

Download DJ Stokie – Groove Cartel Mix.


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