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Churchill Mandela, a Kenyan Hip Hop artist from the group Wakadinali, goes by the name Scar Mkadinali. He has released a new song called “Supu Ya Pweza”.

“Supu Ya Pweza” is a song by Scar Mkadinali that came out on May 22, 2024. It shows the importance of being strong and able to change, represented by the idea of ‘octopus soup’ which is a unique and tasty food. Created by a member of the Wakadinali group, who are known for their honest and powerful street stories, the song combines the difficulties of life with the cleverness of the octopus, which can easily move through the ocean’s depths.

This song will probably mix Scar Mkadinali’s tough lyrics with a strong beat that highlights the idea of succeeding in difficult situations.

Download Scar Mkadinali – Supu Ya Pweza.


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